Imagine a Citywide Network of Connected Bikeways ...

 ...that supports everyone from children to grandparents to feel safe riding to work, school, the grocery store, or anywhere in Minneapolis.

The Bikeways for Everyone campaign supports building 30 new miles of well-designed protected bikeways by 2020 to make an expanded citywide network. This network attracts people to our city, enhances businesses, reduces pollution, improves public health, adds new green space, and enhances quality of life.

What does a protected bikeway look like?

What does it feel like to ride on a protected bikeway or cycletrack?

Watch this video captured at the pop-up protected bikeway at Open Streets Mpls to find out!


 Types of Bikeways





Protected Bike Lanes

Trails.jpg   Greenways.jpg   Protected_Bike_Lanes.jpg
Trails are completely separated from roads and used only by bicycles and...   Greenways provide a
car-free space for
bikes and pedestrians...
  Protected bike lanes put a physical barrier between traffic and bicyclists...


Pop-Up Protected Bikeway & Intersection Demo

What could protected intersections look like?
Watch this video captured at Open Streets Mpls to learn about protected intersections!


  • Current News

    Bikeways for Everyone Monthly Get Together

    Bikeways for Everyone is a collaborative campaign of community partners, businesses and individuals advocating for 30 new miles of protected bikeways by 2020.  Efforts by our volunteers and supporters have allowed us to turn in THOUSANDS of signatures in support of protected bikeways, which helped secure $750,000 dollars in the City budget for the construction of five protected bikeways this year.

    Are you curious about...

    Which five routes?  What is happening your neighborhood?  What is the status on a specific project?

    Find answers to your questions and connect with others passionate about advocating for better bike infrastructure at the Bikeways for Everyone monthly get together.

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