2017 Protected Bikeways Projects

With 2016 being a successful year with bikeways, 3rd Ave S Downtown, Blaisdell Ave S, 11th Ave S Downtown, Franklin Ave S, and many more-- there are still many more potential bikeways to happen in 2017! In November, we did a series of public surveys, public meetings, and a volunteer focus group to determine our priorities for 2017. Here's what we decided for Bikeways for Everyone Bikeways projects.

North Minneapolis

  • North Minneapolis Greenway The planned Greenway demonstration is successfully installed, Northside Greenway Council makes a recommendation for design based on meaningful and representative community input, and progress for finding funding is initiated to fulfill the community's vision.
  • Olson Highway protected bikeway: The project is planned in 2020 as part of Bottineau LRT, but still not finalized



  • Washington Ave S: Extending the planned protected bikeway from 5th Street to the U of M in 2017
  • Grant St W: A plan to connect 3rd Ave protected bikeway and Loring Park.
  • Samatar Crossing: A final design for pedestrian/bike-only connection from Vikings Stadium to Cedar-Riverside.
  • Grand Rounds completion: The vision for this plan exists, but there is no funding yet.



  • Hennepin/1st NE: Plan includes protected bike lanes & pedestrian improvements. Repaving will take place in 2018.
  • Marshall St NE: Engagement beginning this year to build support to seek funding.
  • 18th Ave NE: Also called the "Great Northern Bikeway" connections, the plan calls for the gaps to be closed at the connecting near 18th Ave from River to Stinson Blvd.
  • 15th Ave SE: Planned for a protected bikeway to be installed in 2019 with one-way protected bike lanes in each direction.


University of Minnesota

  • 10th Ave bridge, 19th Ave S, 20th Ave S: Planned for 2019 construction to take place, typically two-way on east side of street.
  • Oak St SE: A plan to connect the existing protected bikeway, between Washington Ave SE and University Ave SE.
  • UMN Law School stairs & connection: Creating a bike connection from Washington Ave bridge by the Law School.


South Minneapolis

  • Hiawatha LRT extension: Plan to extend the trail between the Midtown Greenway and 32nd St.
  • Whittier to Downtown Connection: Either Blaisdell, Nicollet, or 1st Ave.
  • 26th/28th Ave W extension: A protected bikeway extension to Hennepin, likely for this year.
  • Midtown Greenway extension to St. Paul: A plan exists, but getting over the River is a challenge.
  • South Minneapolis Greenway: A concept for a greenway connecting Gold Medal Park, along 10th and 11th Ave, to Richfield, connecting a number of parks and schools.

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