26th and 28th Street Improvements Delayed

The City has delayed repaving and other improvements to 26th and 28th Streets in the Phillips neighborhood until 2015 and 2016. Adding protected bike lanes to these streets is still very much a part of the mix.

The delay is to allow time for more extensive community engagement around the future of these streets all the way from Hiawatha Avenue to Hennepin Avenue. Our understanding is that the City will likely be doing a series of 3 public meetings this summer to help shape final designs for these streets.

There are certainly many opportunities for improvements to address safety concerns (for people walking, biking, and driving), make the streets less of a barrier in the neighborhoods, and reduce speeding. Those include adding a protected bike lane, providing bump outs, narrowing traffic lanes, and improving crosswalks.

We'll keep you update as the public process for these streets begins.

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