Bikeways for Everyone Monthly Get Together: 3rd Avenue Protected Bikelane Work!


It is time again for the Bikeways for Everyone monthly get together! Every month, an open meeting to all interested Bikeways for Everyone supporters happens at the Coalition. This month’s meeting has been rescheduled from the normal time, (the third Monday of every month), to next Tuesday, October 20th, 6-7:30pm at the Coalition office (1428 Washington Ave S, Suite 204).



Who can come to the meeting?

Everyone! The meeting is easily accessible to those who are new to the coalition, old friends, and anyone who is looking to take some action! We have a special meeting this week, as there is some very exciting news about a future protected bikeway.

Why is this meeting so important?

The City has proposed the first-ever planter protected bikelane on 3rd Avenue on 16th Street to 1st St/the 3rd Avenue over the Mississippi River. To read about the full details of the project, check out this blog post.

What are the details?

The meeting will begin at 6pm by introducing ourselves and having a quick orientation to the Bicycle Coalition and Bikeways for Everyone. At 6:30, we will get to work!

Why should you come?

There is a lot of work to do in order to make sure that the protected bikeways happens on 3rd Avenue. We need your help doing various activities including making phone calls to city council and planning an outreach event to gain momentum for the bikelane.

Snacks and beer will be provided, so come and join us and do some great work!

Check out the event on Facebook, or RSVP here


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