New Protected Bikeways in 2016

A number of new protected bikeways are planned to be built in 2016, including some that have been in the works for a few years now!

Planned 2016 Protected Bikeways
(Click image to see interactive map).

1. Washington Ave (Hennepin Ave to 5th St) - (0.4 miles)

This is the start of a larger reconstruction of Washington Ave. For the first phase, the street will be rebuilt from Hennepin Ave until 5th Ave S, and will include one-way protected bikeways on either side of the street. It will also include a number of pedestrian improvements and improved vehicle turn lanes. Westbound lanes will be reconstructed starting in 2016 with completion in 2017. The eastbound lanes will begin reconstruction in 2017.

This is a Hennepin County project, and there is currently no timeline for the stretch of Washington beyond 5th Ave S other than striping unprotected bike lanes in 2017. We hope to see protected bike lanes from 5th Ave S to the U in the future.

2. Blaisdell Ave S (31st St E to 40th St E) - (1.1 miles)

This bikeway will provide an important connector to downtown from South Minneapolis. It will also connect to the planned bike lanes on Nicollet, which will end at 40th St. It will require the removal of one vehicle travel lane, and will provide turn lanes at signalized intersections.

3. 11th Ave S (6th St S to West River Pkwy) - (0.5 miles)

This is an important connector between the Hiawatha trail and West River Parkway. This stretch of road will be a protected bikeway, using bollards to separate vehicle and bicycle traffic. Most of the metered parking will remain, making this a parking protected bikeway. Parking would be removed from one side of the street between 3rd St and West River Parkway to accommodate a protected bikeway on both sides of the street.

4. Broadway St NE (Stinson Blvd NE to Industrial Blvd NE) - (0.8 miles)

This will be a shared bike and pedestrian path on the south side of the street, much like the shared parts of the 36th St. W. protected bikeway near Lake Calhoun. The corridor currently has no sidewalks, which is why the shared space is proposed. One vehicle travel lane in each direction will be removed and replaced with center turn lanes.

5. Franklin Ave E (29th Ave S to Seabury Ave) - (0.2 miles)

This bikeway will connect from the high bicycle traffic Franklin Avenue bridge (which will have protected lanes in the near future) to Riverside Avenue/29th Ave S. 29th Ave S will become a bike boulevard in the future. Approximately 2,000 bicyclists use the Franklin Avenue bridge every day currently. This will replace existing painted bicycle lanes. Vehicle lanes will be narrowed slightly to fit the new bike infrastructure.

6. Franklin Ave Bridge - (0.2 miles)

The Franklin Avenue bridge is being repaired, with protected bikeways to be installed on the bridge. This bridge currently has approximately 2,000 bicyclists using it each day. The protected bikeways will connect with bike lanes planned on the SE side of the bridge and a protected bikeway planned on the west side.

7. 3rd Ave S (16th St to 1st St) - (1.3 miles)

This will be the first planter-protected bikeway in Minneapolis. Using a combination of bollards and planter boxes, this protected bikeway will provide a safe route for cyclists headed to or through downtown Minneapolis. The project will also increase greening on the street by at least 10%.

8. 26th Ave N (Theo Wirth Parkway to Mississippi River) - (2.0 miles)

As part of a street reconstruction, this project will replace existing on-street bike lanes with an off-street two-way multi-use path on one side of the street, with a sidewalk on the other side. This will provide a safe connection from Theo Wirth Park, all the way to the Mississippi.

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