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26th and 28th Street Public Meeting July 14

Connecting South Minneapolis from Hennepin to Hiawatha, 26th and 28th Streets are due for a full resurfacing in 2015 and 2016. This is an exciting opportunity to start with a blank slate and end with streets that enhance the surrounding communities.

28th Street has the highest bicycle crash rate in Minneapolis and 26th Street has the fourth highest bicycle crash rate. Both have averaged more than 10 bicycle crashes a year since 2000, despite the fact that most people avoid these streets as much as possible.

The streets are also very challenging to cross for pedestrians. A four-year-old boy, Jose Parra Hernandez, was tragically killed on 26th Street in 2012. Speeding is common on both streets, especially east of Blaisdell and they impact the quality of life and attractiveness of the neighborhoods.

A protected bike lane is a real possibility on both streets--at least in the wider sections from Hiawatha to Blaisdell. Come to this meeting to share your perspectives and support improvements that will make these streets better for everyone.

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Bikeways for Nicole and her family!

34608e59246bcf1d11ae095f9e8de1c1.jpgA few summers ago, Nicole and her husband Adam made a commitment to start bicycling as a family for short trips around the city.

The absurdity of buckling two small children into car seats for a quick trip to the grocery store, the library, or school, was not lost on them, and despite having biked very little since college, and even less since parenthood, they researched and invested in new bicycles that would grow with their family.

They committed to riding them for transportation whenever possible.


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Bikeways for Everyone Kick-off Event - What We Learned


We were so pleased at the great turn-out at the Bikeways for Everyone Kick-off Event on April 29th.

Here's a recap:

You may wish to pass this on to family and friends who also care about safe streets and connected communities in Minneapolis.

Nicole Nafziger and Scott Shaffer kicked us off.

We heard speakers sharing about the potential impact of a protected bikeway network from a variety of viewpoints:

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