Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha Intersection Reconstruction: How can you get involved and become informed?

Untitled_design.jpgIn 2016, Hennepin County plans to reconstruct the intersection of Franklin/Cedar/and Minnehaha. Currently, the intersection sits as the second most dangerous in the city and has crash rates 2 ½ times the “critical rate”. As part of a repavement project, the county has proposed several initiatives to make the intersection safer for cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Currently, the intersection provides practically no safe way for pedestrians and cyclists to maneuver crossing, as the three streets intersect one another in a disconnected manner.

The County is looking for ways to help improve this intersection for commuters or all types, and has been hosting meetings in the community near to the intersection to discuss issues and make future plans.

For the most current improvement plan click here.

In order to get as many community members involved in the process, there are four upcoming meetings that you can attend:


Tuesday, January 19th

Stakeholder & Interest Group  Meeting

Hosted by Hennepin County

3-5 pm – Discussion of concept improvements

Matthews Community Center (29th Ave / 24th Street)


Tuesday, January 26th

General Public Open House Meeting

3-4 pm – Discussion of future use for vacated Minnehaha Avenue

4-5 pm – General Open House meeting to discuss concept improvements

SPOKES Offices (1915 E. 22nd Street – near 22nd Street / Minnehaha Ave.)


Wednesday, January 27th

Coffee Hour with Bob Byers and Kelley Yemen from Hennepin County

Discussion on the Bicycle and Pedestrian routes, Hosted by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coaltion.

5-6:30pm, Precision Grind Coffee, 2223 E Franklin Ave


Tuesday, February 9th

Seward Neighborhood Community Development Committee

UPDATE: 6:30pm- Open House with plan and County Staff members to answer questions

7:00 pm – Community meeting and vote for final consent to move project forward

Matthews Community Center in Seward (29th Ave / 24th Street)


This is your chance to get involved in the 2016 repaving and redesign project of Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha- join your neighbors and help influence the future of your neighborhood!


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