Success! Delivery of Signed Postcards to City Hall 12/2/2014


This morning Minneapolis residents from every ward of the city delivered more than 3,000 signed postcards in support of building a network of 30 new miles of protected bikeways in the city by 2020.



The postcards were collected at community events and online this summer and fall by volunteers and partners of the Bikeways for Everyone campaign. Council Members received the cards from their constituents while Mayor Hodges received a copy of all of the postcards. The vast majority of the postcards are from Minneapolis residents. Several Council Members and Mayor Hodges symbolically signed their own postcards in support of protected bikeways.

Mayor Betsy Hodges has recommended an initial investment of $750,000 in the 2015 budget to begin building protected bikeways. The City Council will be voting on the budget on December 10th.

“We have heard positive reactions to protected bikeways all over the city,” said Ethan Fawley, Executive Director of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. “Protected bikeways are great for the city, but most importantly, they will improve people’s lives and many people cannot wait for the City and Hennepin County to build out a network. We are encouraged that many Council Members have offered strong support as well and we look forward to the funding being included in the final 2015 budget.”

Many of the postcard signers included personal messages.  We've paired some of these with a few photos we took while delivering postcards.

Ward 1: Council Member Kevin Reich

“I want to ride with my child, but avoid biking because I fear for his safety.”


Ward 2: Council Member Cam Gordon and Joshua Houdek


Ward 3: Council Member Jacob Frey


“At 63, I need protection to keep riding for many years to come.”


Ward 4: Council Member Barbara Johnson's staff, Jennifer White, and Alexis Pennie


“We are a one-car family. We depend on biking, and safety for our children is imperative!”


-- Julie

Ward 5: Council Member Blong Yang with LaTrisha Vetaw


Ward 6: Council Member Abdi Warsame's staff, Marcela Sotela, with Sheldon Mains


Ward 7: Council Member Lisa Goodman

"It will make biking safe and welcoming for all ages and abilities and my neighbors who want to bike more."

-- Katie

Ward 8: Council Member Elizabeth Glidden's staff, Deebaa Sirdar and Andrea Jenkins, with Alexis Pennie and Faith Kumon


“I don’t have enough biking skill to ride between parked cars and passing cars. I could bike more with protected lanes.”

--Sharon, Ward 8

“I want to feel safer when I bike, and I want my neighbors to feel that biking is safe, effective, easy way to get around.”

--Carlye, Ward 8

Ward 9: Council Member Alondra Cano and William Martinez


“It helps the environment, quality of life, and reduces poverty by connecting people w/o cars to more options for workplaces.”

--Corinne, Ward 9

Ward 10: Council Member Lisa Bender with Ethan Fawley and Laura Kling


“I want to ride with my 3-year old to pick-up from school and get groceries."

-- Melissa

“Everyone deserves to feel the wind in their face on the way to work.”


Ward 11: Council Member John Quincy and Amy Brugh


Ward 12: Council Member Andrew Johnson with Megan Dawson


Ward 13: Council Member Linea Palmisano with Bill Dooley


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