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Support protected bikeways on 8th Ave NE by calling or emailing Council Member Frey, today!


The City of Minneapolis has designated $750,000 towards constructing protected bikeways* in Minneapolis this year. One of the projects to be implemented is a protected bikeway along 8th Ave NE.  Council Member Frey has been a strong supporter of improving bicycle access, but it is important that he hears that people care about a protected bikeway on 8th Ave NE as he tries to balance community interests.

Action Alert

If you use the Plymouth Ave Bridge or live in Ward 3 please call Council Member Frey's office at 612-673-2203, or emailing one of CM Frey's aides, Heidi Ritchie ([email protected]) or Zack Farley ([email protected]) to tell them that you strongly support protected bikeways on 8th Ave NE and the proposed parking changes are necessary for a quality bikeway. 

Project Details 

    • The protected bikeway requires removing the parking along 8th Street from Marshall to University. Parking counts done by the city show low on-street parking usage on 8th Ave NE and additional available spaces on adjacent streets. We understand that there is concern from local businesses and some local residents about the parking removal, but feel that given the availability of parking in the area that this important protected bikeway connection should take priority. 
    • Businesses on Marshall and 8th want to continue to have delivery trucks load and unload on 8th Avenue NE. We are sympathetic to those needs, but hope that any design to accommodate loading and unloading will limit impact to the protected bikeway.
    • Marshall and 8th is a very busy intersections with a high volume of turning movements--protected bikeways are important here for safety and comfort.
    • Past Marshall, 8th becomes more pleasant to bike on, and will be even better with a protected bikeway.


One of the bikeways in the new Protected Bikeway Plan is to continue the existing protected bikeway on the Plymouth Ave N bridge: on Plymouth Ave N from the bridge to Emerson.  This section will be done this summer, with the exception of Plymouth Ave N between Lyndale and Emerson.  This low-volume section will be resurfaced in a few years, so the City has decided to wait for the resurfacing before spending money on installing a protected bikeway.  We are completely confident that this section of the project will be completed to Emerson.


The other half of the project is to continue the protected bikeway on the Plymouth Ave N bridge: on 8th Ave NE from the bridge to University Ave, with a bike boulevard from University Ave to 5th St NE.

More details about this project are here.

It is so important to contact Council Member Frey TODAY because of the short timeline for making decisions about how this project will be implemented.

*What is a protected bikeway?

Not everyone feels comfortable and safe riding on a busy street, even with a regular bike lane. A protected bikeway creates a more comfortable space to ride that is physically separated from motor vehicle traffic. A separated facility can attract a wider demographic of riders and the City sees protected bikeways as an important tool to increase bicycling in Minneapolis.

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