Take Action: Show Your Support for Protected Bikeways in the Budget

In today's Star Tribune, Council President Barb Johnson unfortunately singles out protected bikeways for criticism in Mayor Hodges's budget proposal. This investment is a critical first step to building a network of protected bikeways. It will mean miles of new protected bikeways built next year! Without it, we can't build those miles.

Please help us send a strong message of community support for money for protected bikeways.

1. Call or email your City Council Member today!

Message: I strongly support funding in the budget for protected bikeways and I hope you will too.

(You can certainly say that you saw the Star Tribune article that there is some push back and you want to offer your strong support. You can add why it's important to you, but important thing is to call even if all you say is that you support it.)

If you call, it's very unlikely you'll talk directly with your Council Member (although it could happen). You'll probably just leave a message with friendly staff or voicemail.

Your Council Member: Find who represents you here

Ward 1 - Kevin Reich (612) 673-2201 [email protected]

Ward 2 - Cam Gordon (612) 673-2202 [email protected]

Ward 3 - Jacob Frey (612) 673-2203 [email protected]

Ward 4 - Barbara Johnson (612) 673-2204 [email protected]

Ward 5 - Blong Yang (612) 673-2205 [email protected]

Ward 6 - Abdi Warsame (612) 673-2206 [email protected]

Ward 7 - Lisa Goodman (612) 673-2207 [email protected]

Ward 8 - Elizabeth Glidden (612) 673-2208 [email protected]

Ward 9 - Alondra Cano (612) 673-2209 [email protected]

Ward 10 - Lisa Bender (612) 673-2210 [email protected]

Ward 11 - John Quincy (612) 673-2211 [email protected]

Ward 12 - Andrew Johnson (612) 673-2212 [email protected]

Ward 13 - Linea Palmisano (612) 673-2213 [email protected]


2. Send a thank you to Mayor Hodges for including protected bikeway funding in her proposal if you haven't already:

Betsy Hodges (612) 673-2100 [email protected] 


3. Complete the pledge of support for Bikeways for Everyone if you haven't already. 

We will be delivering thousands of postcards and pledges of support within a couple weeks to City Council Members and the Mayor and we want to include your support!

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